Nothing is more appealing than stepping into your spa’s hot, spotless waters. What better way to unwind than in the privacy of your jet-driven spa? In addition to using the right chemicals, there are several helpful tips for maintaining clear spa water. However, it doesn’t have to be challenging. Your routine maintenance process might be incredibly streamlined if you are aware of the tricks of the trade. Here are some of the best pointers and strategies for maintaining the purity of your spa’s water.

Supplies For Your Hot Tub

  • A Test kit – Kits contain everything you need to test your water and identify the chemicals that need to be added.
  • Bromine Tablets– The water in your spa is sanitized, and microorganisms are neutralized with bromine.
  • Stain and Scale Control – This product controls the growth of scum.
  • pH balancers: If your water tests low, add pH up; if it tests high, add pH down.
  • Hot Tub Filter Cleaner – This is used monthly to keep your hot tub dirt free.
  • Hot Tub Shock- Shock eliminates or avoids cloudiness and foam.

1) Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Dirt

By dropping some tennis balls into the water, you can minimize the oils and residue left behind by users’ body washes, lotions, and cosmetics by adding some tennis balls to your spa’s skimmer or directly to the water. All of the debris that could cause water to froth is trapped by the fuzzy substance, which absorbs the dirt. To keep your water sparkling, swap out the balls frequently.

2) Shower Before Soaking

Ensure everyone who wants to use the hot tub takes a quick shower before getting in. Oil and filth from the skin, shampoo and conditioner from the hair, and even laundry detergent from bathing suits can all be removed using this technique. Any of these impurities may impact the clarity of the water in your spa.

3) Use Vinegar to Ensure the Proper Flow of Water

Calcium buildup in your spa’s jets from hard water can frequently make them immobile and even cause them to stop functioning entirely. Your jets will benefit significantly from cleaning with white vinegar. It’s not only a cheap remedy, but it also effectively removes calcium buildup. The acidity of the vinegar dissolves the calcium, but it also likely disturbs the pH balance of your water. Analyze the pH and alkalinity of the water, and add chemicals as necessary.

4) Use a Spa Cover

A properly-fitting cover that completely encloses your spa can help keep the warmth within, reducing heating costs and relieving the spa’s pressure to maintain the desired temperature. The cover prevents insects, leaves, rainwater, and other debris from contaminating the water.

5) Use Stockings

Stockings form a great net to keep dirt out of your lower return inlets. When you change the water in your hot tub, this translucent cloth may completely cover and protect the lower return inlets from contaminants. This will minimize the amount of dirt floating into your filter system.

Following these easy hacks, you can enjoy a clear, clean, refreshing spa session! If cleaning and regular maintenance aren’t working right, you may require a professional hot tub service. To find out more about hot tubs and spas, contact us at Spa Tech. To get started, visit our online store or get in touch with us right away.

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