There are several things you can do once you notice cloudy swim spa water—you can quickly close the cover, pretending not to see it. You can also turn on the jets and set LED lighting to a turquoise shade, so the spa water looks kind of perfect. Repeatedly Adding chlorine can also create the illusion of clear water. However, none of these tricks will work for long, and the cloudy spa water will only keep getting worse and more difficult to fix. So instead, focus your efforts on identifying the exact cause of cloudy water and treating it with long-term solutions. Keep reading to learn more about how you can fix cloudy swim spa water.

Add Chemicals

Use a test kit to check alkalinity and pH levels. If alkalinity is excessive, the pH level’s volatility increases, and the sanitizer’s effectiveness decreases. As cloudy swim spa water usually has a high alkaline level, you need to reduce the pH levels. Don’t forget to make sure the jets are on and the cover and air valves are off when adding spa chemicals.

Clean Filters

Rinse filters once a week and deep clean once a month. You also need to soak the filter parts overnight. Cleaning filters remove debris and chemical build-up in the filters. The build-up makes it harder to maintain the pool in good condition. A cleaning tool that sticks to a garden hose and can get between the filter pleats is very convenient when fixing cloudy swim spa water.

Shock Spa Water

The right amount of sanitizer helps destroy the harmful chemicals that cause cloudy water. Once you balance spa chemicals, add a non-chlorine shock to the water. Make sure you shock the spa water at least once a week or more, based on how frequently you use it.

Drain and Refill Spa

Your swim spa water may look cloudy even after you have tried to fix it repeatedly. If this is the case, you should drain and refill the swim spa with clean water. Since evaporation builds up suspended solids in water and makes it tougher to keep the water clean, draining and refilling the spa might be your best bet. It is advisable to drain your swim spa water after every six months. The total number of people using the spa and the frequency of usage can affect the quality of water. Fixing cloudy swim spa water can be simple if you follow the tips and tricks above. Ensure you use a pre-filter and sequestering agent when filling a swim spa to get the desired results. The most effective way to deal with cloudy spa water is to take steps to prevent it before it can occur. Follow a water care routine every day and prepare and stick to a maintenance schedule to prevent cloudy water. You must also assess the chemical level and balancing, rinse filters, and utilize a spa vacuum to keep your swim spa in pristine condition. If you live in Alberta and are looking for maintenance services for your hot tub, get in touch with Spa Tech. Our team of experts can help you fix and prevent cloudy swim spa water.

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