Proper care and maintenance during the colder months prevent the build-up of algae and debris. If you don’t winterize your swimming pool, some parts may get damaged, or cracks might form in the liner. When temperatures drop this winter, make sure that your swimming pool is ready for the cold weather. Here are some tips on how to prepare your pool for the colder months.

Clean the Pool

Cleaning the pool is the first step in winter care. If you have a skimmer, you can easily remove old leaves and other debris that you see floating in the water. Once you remove that debris, find a scrubber and work on the sides of the pool. Both in-ground and above-ground pools have walls and floors that need to be cleaned. When you start with the floor and walls, you push algae and other particles to the water’s surface, making it easier to remove them.

Examine the Equipment

Swimming pools in Alberta function with the help of different pieces of equipment, including a pump that circulates the water and a filter that removes debris. Both cartridge and sand filters work with swimming pools. Before shutting down the pool for the season, spend time looking over the equipment. Make sure that it still runs and that it’s ready for the next season. If you plan on using the pool during the cooler months, you will need to run both the filter and the pump. Even if you close the pool, it’s good to examine the equipment so that you can use it in the spring.

Test the Water

Pool supply stores sell testing kits that make it easy to maintain your swimming pool. These kits help you see when you need to add chlorine and other chemicals. Spa Tech can test the pool for you if you don’t know how to test it or can’t find one of the kits. When the water has a good PH balance, it reduces algae growth in the colder months. You may want to use a phosphate remover, too. This removes the phosphates that algae use as a food source.

Beat the Winter Blues

Beating the winter blues that come with owning a swimming pool is easier than you might think. Though you may need to wait a few months before enjoying the water, winterizing your pool makes it last through those cold months and keeps your equipment in good shape. Alberta pools often benefit from the addition of a pool cover, which you place over the water to restrict access to it. Pool covers come in different sizes and designs to fit all types of pools.

If you need help with preparing your pool for the colder months, contact Spa Tech today! We’ll make sure your pool is in condition. You can dive right back in during spring.

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