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Let the professionals take care of your pool or hot tub with our commercial hot tub service in Edmonton & area and commercial pool service in Edmonton & area.  We can open, close  or simply maintain your pool or hot tub.  We can also troubleshoot, repair and or replace any make or model hot tub and all pool related parts. Our technicians each have more than 15 years' experience and Spa Tech has a certified Pool & Spa Operator on hand to help with all of your needs.    

We can also create a personalized package for you that includes weekly, biweekly or monthly service. You can be assured that your water is safe to use and your mechanical and electronic systems  are working at 100% capacity with our regular scheduled service.

Any pool package includes vacuuming and cleaning the pool, water analysis, water balancing, filter cleaning, closing/opening the pool, and more.

Any hot tub package includes water analysis, water balancing, filter cleaning/replacement, winterizing/opening the hot tub, and more. 

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Pool & Hot Tub Chemical Sales

Call us today for a quote on all your pool and hot tub chemical needs.  We offer some of the best name brand chemicals in the business.  From small to bulk quantities, we can offer the best prices and quick delivery for all your water care needs.

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