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Winterize Your Hot Tub


Winter in Alberta

Some people choose to run their hot tub year round, while others like to ensure their tub is tucked away safe and sound in order to hibernate during the cold season.  Let Spa Tech properly winterize your valuable hot tub so you can be sure it will be up and running when spring comes.  We make sure your tub is ready for the cold months, no matter the brand of tub including Beachcomber, Arctic, Polar, Sundance, Jacuzzi, Dynasty, Hydropool, Master Spas and more.

Winterizing Details

When winterizing your hot tub, Spa Tech will:

  • Completely drain your hot tub
  • Wipe down your hot tub
  • Safely clear all water from the lines & equipment to prevent any freezing

You can be sure your tub is winterized properly by the professionals, to protect your investment and ensure it is ready for the new season.

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