Spa Tech

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The Spa Tech Technician Team

Allen Mulholland - Field Technician


Allen has worked with Spa Tech, Arctic, Sundance & Beachcomber and has more than 17 years industry experience.

Florin Porumb - Field Technician


Founder & co-owner of Spa Tech, Florin has more than 8 years industry experience, working with both Spa Tech & Beachcomber.

Sean Miller - Field Technician


Sean has more than 13 years industry experience working with Spa Tech, Endless Pools, Beachcomber & Sundance.

The Spa Tech Office Team

Lia Porumb - Office Manager & Scheduling


Co-owner of Spa Tech, Lia has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting along with more than 15 years accounting experience, including years of management, customer service & hospitality experience.