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New hot tub pumps, repairs & rebuilds


Hot Tub & Pool Pumps Repaired or Rebuilt

Do you have a leaking hot tub or pool pump?  Is your pump noisy or squealing when it's running?  Spa Tech can easily repair your hot tub or pool pump.  If your pump can't be repaired or should be replaced, we can provide a quality rebuilt pump that includes a full 90 day warranty, or provide you with a brand new pump that comes with a full 1 year warranty.  The choice is yours.

Rebuilt Pump Details

When Spa Tech rebuilds a pump, we:

  • Replace the pump impeller
  • Replace the pump seal
  • Replace the pump bearings 
  • Ensure the pump motor is performing at optimum levels with no performance or noise issues

Our rebuilt pumps are professionally rebuilt in shop by Spa Tech and backed with a full 90 day warranty. What's even better is our rebuilt pumps are priced competitively at only $260!

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Purchase a Rebuilt Pump

You can easily purchase a rebuilt pump from Spa Tech online.  Choose to install yourself, or have us come out and install for you.

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Looking to buy a new pump?  You can purchase online, or let our technicians come out on a service call, investigate and replace as required.

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